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private security in istanbulALTAY PRIVATE SECURITY SERVICES


Altay private security company is a lot of  services all world. If You looking for a Private security companies in Turkey and we are the professional team as residential centers, construction sites private security, private security in public buildings, hospitals, private security, private security, etc. The energy centers are at your service areas. For people who feel at risk the lives of private security, VIP Bodyguard, our bodyguard team is every time ready and waiting.

Many did not want even the security company serving international strategic security points because of the risk, war zones, private security services are able to place a high risk of sabotage. International intelligence, tactical operations, such as anti-terrorism experts to have the team, facilitates us to provide private security services in Turkey and Istanbul, this risk areas.

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Private Security Firm Benefits 


Private Security Company Services in Turkey


Private Security Targets 

  • Employer Social Security cont- ributions each month to give receipts.
  • Private Security Company to give an official letter as to whether Social Security-Finance debt.
  • Employment of private security personnel requested.
  • Specially trained security staff.
  • 7/24 hour security service.
  • If needed, given the commitment of theft.
  • Private security personnel made additional intelligence inves- tigation.
  • Free private security operation following the bureaucratic.
  • Close Protection in Turkey
  • Private Security Services Training Centers.
  • Special Security Service Military Facilities and Military Convoy Save Turkey. 
  • Private security services Security Complex
  • Sports Competitions Special Sec- urity Service.
  • Special Security Service Loca- tions.
  • Industrial Facilities Special Security Service.
  • Places of Worship Special Security Service.
  • Foreign Plants Special Security Service.
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