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1- Ask certainly from the private security company an official document certifying that the company is free of any tax or social security premium liabilities since many private security companies are avoiding to provide social security for their security personnel lest they pay insurance premium. Ill-intentioned private security companies are offering lower prices compared to security companies working adhering to all legal liabilities for respective services considering that they would save from such costs by avoiding to pay social insurance premiums and, consequently they are undertaking the respective security job. Therefore, before concluding and signing a contract, ask certainly official document clearing the respective private security company of all social insurance liabilities to prevent unjust competition of such private security companies.

2- Another faulty application of some private security companies is employment of insufficient personnel. For example, a security company starting security services with a staff of 100 persons keeps the service with 100 individuals for a few months and then decreases the number to 80 while going on to collect from the customer for 100 persons and keeping the service continued with 80 individuals and obtaining unjust profit in this manner. The employer trusting the private security company is unable to control such a shortage. Many private security companies are making their proposal considering that they would employ less than required security personnel in the future and, in this way they compete in an unjust manner. They deceive the employer in this manner committing a fraud

3- Ask certainly from the company providing private security services for you the operational permission certificate granted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs to said private security company.

4- Make sure whether the private security firm providing security services for you have the followings: have the personnel of said company been trained according to law no 5188?; does the said company have a security training certificate? Does the company have a security identity? Ask these from the security company, since it is not possible to employ well trained personnel below a certain wage while it is possible to employ untrained personnel at much lower costs. Such an application leads also to unjust competition. The company employing unqualified and untrained personnel undertakes the job while the employer makes the payment for qualified staff and expecting quality service. In this way, such companies achieves advantages by deceit over security companies providing quality security services.

5- Another deception is in the payment of social insurance premiums paid for security personnel. Many private security companies do not pay the premium for 30 days a month. Wile the customer (employer) pays such premiums for 30 days a month. The security company pays such premium to the Social Security Institutes for 15 days a month for its security staff withholding the extra premium for 15 days. They are making in such a way an unfair profit..

We have to warn you. It is your option to take service from a qualified firm heeding our warning.