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Miscellaneous Provisions
Financial Liability Insurance for Private Security
ARTICLE 21. - Real persons and private security companies have to take out and maintain financial liability insurance for
private security for the purpose of indemnification of the possible damages to third parties that may be inflicted by the private
security personnel employed by them. The principles and procedures of this financial liability insurance for private security are
determined by the Undersecretariat of Treasury.
Financial liability insurance for private security under this Article will be taken out from insurance companies authorized to work
in the related insurance branch in Turkey. These insurance companies are obliged to sell and make financial liability insurance
for private security. Insurance companies rejecting to comply with this obligation are fined to eight billion Turkish liras by the
Treasury Undersecretary. The provisions of the second paragraph of article 20 are applied for the collection and objection
procedures for this fine.
ARTICLE 22. - The Ministry of Internal Affairs and governorships may at any time supervise and audit the private security
companies, private security forces and private training institution. The content, scope, procedures and principles of this audit is
determined by regulation. The deficiencies determined as a result of the audit must be eliminated by the related person, institution,
enterprise or companies within the time period granted.
Additionally, operation license of the private security companies and private security training institutions is cancelled if they are
found out to be operating outside their purpose or if they are found out to have engaged in any criminal activity. The founders and
managers of the companies or institutions whose operations are so cancelled lose their qualification to become founders and
managers in any and all private security companies and institutions giving private security training.
Penalty application
ARTICLE 23. - Private security personnel are considered as civil servants (public officers) for the purposes of the Turkish
Penal Code. Those who offend them by reason of performance of their duties are punished as if they have offended a Civil
License fee
ARTICLE 24. - Private security companies and institutions to give private security training are required to pay ten billion
Turkish Liras as License Fee in order to obtain operation license, and private security personnel are required to pay two hundred
million Turkish Liras as license fee in order to get work license, and these license fees are deposited to the Fiscal Department.
Application of re-valuation rate
ARTICLE 25. - The amounts to be paid as license fees stated in article 24 of the Law will be increased annually according to
and over the re-valuation rate to be determined pursuant to Tax Procedures Law no. 213.
ARTICLE 26. – The regulation related to the application of this Law will be issued in three months by the Ministry of Internal
Affairs as of the publication date of this Law.
Repealed Law
ARTICLE 27. - This Law repeals and supersedes the Law About Protection and Security of Some Institutions and
Organizations, no. 2495, dated 22.07.1981.
TEMPORARY ARTICLE 1. – It is deemed that the private security organizations that have been established according
to Law no. 2495 at the effective date of this Law having obtained private security permit and the private security staff having
obtained working permit for five years.
Effective Date
ARTICLE 28. – The article 19 and 20 of this Law shall become effective within nine months of the publication of this Law
and the remaining articles become effective as of the publication date.
ARTICLE 29. – The provisions of this law are executed by the Board of Ministers.