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The law nr., 5188 concerning private security services has been adopted on 10.06.2004 and its implementation was started after required procedures are completed and put into application. Training of the persons wishing to be private security guard and bearing the qualifications of private security guard specified by the article 10 of the said law (“training of private security forces may be provided by the Ministry of Internal Affairs or private training organizations based on special permission of the Ministry in return of due payment”) Training for the person willing to be a private security guard and having the qualifications required for a private security guard is given according to the article 14 of the said law (“ Training is given either by the Ministry of Internal Affairs or by private training organizations based on the permission of the Ministry). The persons wishing to be PRIVATE SECURITY GUARD without gun carrying permission need to be graduated from secondary school and take a training of minimum 90 hours while the candidates for PRIVATE SECURITY GUARDS with gun carriage permission need to be graduated at least from high school and take a training of minimum 120 hours. The individuals getting a score of 60 points or higher in the written and actual application exams arranged by the Ministry of Internal Affairs after private security training is completed are deemed to be successful in the training.

Training topics and training hours of the training to be provided by private security establishments and to be attended by private security guards are defined by the regulation. According to applicable clauses of the law, start up and organizational training is provided by the experts of our training department in our company in accordance with training procedures within the company to the persons having the private security guard identity card that we assume to be working with after application of the said persons to our company and subjecting the persons to psychological tests. Time scheduling is completed in scheduling of these trainings considering the priorities of the services based on the services rendered and the requirements and properties of the locations of service. Provision of the service and security individual in the most reasonable time division is ensured by using the time available in the most logical manner. The trainings arranged by expert training staff using visual training CDs for the first time in this sector shed also light on carrier planning and improvement programs.

Altay uses training CDs for staff training within the frame of certain programs; Trainees take the training not only by listening but also active participation and application, Altay repeats the training at certain time periods. In addition to the training given to the private security guards as per the law nr., 51888 concerning training of Private security services, ALTAY Security Department provides training to the attendees with training within company on the following topics for providing additional information and reminding purposes .



  • Working under pressure
  • Body language and communications
  • Determination of suspicious persons
  • Management of crowds
  • Explosives
  • Fire and fire safety
  • Protection of incident scene
  • Interview techniques
  • Law and regulation concerning private security
  • Search methods
  • Risk analysis, feasibility and planning for security (safety)
  • Security system and devices
  • Shoplifting, shop (security) detectives
  • Stadium security
  • Terrorist activities and measures to be taken against such activities,
  • Training for the management of private security
  • Protection of special facilities
  • Body guarding
  • First aid