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Site Security Turkey

When the company first started the project, the project looked at whether or not the operation permit if you have the signed contract notice from isitina before bidding on projects and project risk analysis should be examined and should be given to the customer. After the commencement of the service agreement with the company on the contract, the protection plan, should be made to notify the staff of the private security branch 
The company served as project No. 5188 law recognized authority on the basis of services that perform specific gü0venlik officer's current dress code according to the dressed-up and service material, handcuffs, whistles, flashlights, batons, x ray equipment, handheld detector specific frequencies permit taken hand-held radios and other materials should be and must be provided. In the project we serve and computing camera, image viewing and recording monitor must be used and should be granted. staff should receive training in accordance with safety regulations and must be given a certificate. 
Services we realized operating permits if there is no project from the owner of Private Security Branch to be done and a management decision, trade registry gazette, the signature of a simple sketch and application letter with a contact should be provided for each project personnel who served in the SSI and liability insurance must be carried out. Projects in the gendarmerie gendarmes; in the police must be notified to the Special Security Branch. 
Our company provides services to the issues specified in accordance with the law serves preci-sion showing